It is with great pleasure that we announce at this time the award winners of the 2019 Amsterdam Film Festival Van Gogh Awards. The contest received a wide variety of submissions representing top storytellers from over 20 countries around the world. The quality of the work that we had the honor of reviewing was simply astounding. Judging from among this exceptionally high caliber of filmmaking talent proved to be extremely difficult as there were so many unique, well-made and worthy projects. After several months of careful consideration, we present to you the very best of the 2019 competition.

De grote Prijs van de Jury: Jazmin directed by Samot Marquez

Cinematic Vision Award: Walden: Life in the Woods directed by Alex Harvey
Van Gogh Award: Remake of a summer directed by Bragard Magali, Enjolras Séverine
Prodigy Auteur Prize: Once it was a Land Called Pomerania directed by Michael Majerski
Grand Jury Prize: THE Artist directed by Mark Garcia
Grand Jury Prize: El Cuarto Reino directed by Alex Lora Cercos & Adán Aliaga
Grand Jury Prize: The Race directed by Dina Rudick
Dramatic Directing Award: Lost In Apocalypse directed by Sky Wang
Documentary Directing Award: Partners directed by Henry Horenstein

World Cinema Directing Award: Departure directed by Shahriar Shafiani 

World Cinema Directing Award: Action directed by Donglin Huang

World Cinema Directing Award:  Master of Ceremonies  directed by Toby Wharton

Excellence in Cinematography Award:Everybody is Quiet directed by Christine Vandemoortele
Excellence in Cinematography Award: Ghost Mask - SCAR - directed by Takeshi Sone
Excellence in Cinematography Award: Gertrude directed by Mieka Thorogood
Excellence in Cinematography Award: Tattoo directed by Farhad Delaram

World Cinema Cinematography Award: I wish directed by Dokyung Song

World Cinema Cinematography Award: The Rabbit  directed by Lana Vlady

World Cinema Cinematography Award: As Ye Sow directed by Su Liu

World Cinema Cinematography Award: Nearby directed by Alise Zarina

Best Documentary Film Editing: Lions Rise directed by Gary Chutai

Best Dramatic Film Editing: Beaten directed by Arturo Portillo
Best Feature Film Screenplay: Decapitalization directed by Zellner Pierre

Best Short Film Screenplay: Chaconne directed by Francesca Brill

World Cinema Documentary Editing Award: Ashes Two Dust directed by Maura Freeman

World Cinema Screenwriting Award, Feature Film: Feral directed by Andrew Wonder

World Cinema Screenwriting Award, Short Film: Tommy directed by James Sieradzki

Special Jury Prize, World Cinema Documentary Feature: God Bless You, Mr. Vonnegut directed by J.J. Harting

Special Jury Prize, World Cinema Documentary Short:  Beyond Mr. Smith directed by Peter Fitzgerald Adams

Special Jury Prize, World Cinema Dramatic: Sump directed by Mike Wozniak

Special Jury Prize, World Cinema Short: The Dare directed by Christopher Porter
Special Jury Prize, World Cinema Music Video: Feeling Low : Lubiana directed by Semoulin Mehdi 

Special Jury Prize, World Cinema Animation: Gravity directed by Yao Yao

Special Jury Prize for Spirit of Independence: Qerana  directed by Senay Solomon 

Special Jury Prize: International Short Filmmaking: Amicae Aeternum directed by David Graham Tennant
World Cinema: Music Video: J. Cole - ATM directed by Scott Lazer & J. Cole
World Cinema: Student: Vonnis directed by Walt Bladt
World Cinema: Documentary Feature: The True North Project directed by Emil Agopian

World Cinema: Documentary Short: PORTRAITS directed by 

World Cinema: Experimental Film Award: Wakeful  directed by Anne Robinson

World Cinema: Animation: One Day directed by Si Jiang

Best Animation: My Moon directed by Eusong Lee
Best Comedy: The Stand Up Doll directed by Evelyne Werzowa
Best Documentary Feature: Guardian Of Angels directed by Ensar Altay
Best Drama: The Great Actress directed by Nag ashwin

Best Feature: I Want More, I Want Less directed by Bryce Richardson
Best Sci-Fi: This World Alone directed by Jordan Noel
Best Romance: The Script of Life directed by Joy Hopwood

Best Fantasy: Eric and the Barbarian directed by Ben Mottershead

Best Experimental:Off The Rails directed by Damian Fitzsimmons

Best Family Film: Madhav - Every Child Needs A Mentor directed by Dr. Anil Kumar Mehta 

Best Sports Film: Her Turf: The Untold Story about Three Female Football Refs directed by Shantel Hansen

Best Documentary Short:Double Exposed directed by Julie Buck
Best Music Video: Invocation directed by Taylor Haskins
Best Short:  Lilac directed by Kevin Uskokovic
Best Thriller: Beneath The Trees directed by Marco De Luca

Best Student: The Magic of Reading directed by Claudia Moysset
Best TV Pilot: The Country Club directed by Brock Pennie &Lara Deglan, Caileigh Anderson

Best Web Video: Hooked directed by Anthony Patellis


Feature Screenplay Competition

First Place: Airborne - The Trials of Nine written by Richard Clarke
Second Place: Sir Eddy, The Hero Musician  written by Jim Coyle
Third Place: Just Juliana written by Eric Weber

Official Finalists
The Lease of Nature written by Anderson Boyd

The Equestrianist written by Bob Thompson

Parousia written by Todd Sorrell

Hiding in the Spotlight written by B. R. Tatalovic 

Desert Quarry written by James Palmer

Rogue's Coward written by Robert J. Rogers

Wolfe Of Canyon Diablo written by Neil Hoover

Breaking Points written by David MacLaren

Maria Isabella Silvalessa written by Hunter Ridgway

Seven Acres written by Paul William Miley

Short Screenplay Competition Winners: 
First Place: Far From The Castle written by Julia Jansch
Second Place: The Road to Glenfinnan  written by David McDermott
Third Place: XANDER SUN: Queen Protector of the DiVerse written by Harold L. Brown

Official Finalists

Ebb | Tide | Flow written by Ignacio J. Durruty

The Watch written by Rachel S. Thomas-Medwid

Mother written by Sevra BAKLACI

Cyclop's island written byIoanna Tsinividi

Can Anyone Answer? written by Robert Wolter Frank

Quiet! written by Oleg Boroday

ACHE written by LeLe Park

Reverse written by Yulia Shunto

Whipped written by Leda Nishijima

Burying Mitchell written by Sam Williamson

First Time Screenwriter Competition Winners:

First Place: Night in Venice written by Alexander Chernega
Second Place: Platforms: Using Your Pageantry Voice for a Cause written by Ricardo Soto
Third Place: The Copeland Kids written by Cecilia Copeland

Official Finalists
El Punk written by Tony Cammarata

Yes&No written by  Stephanie Leitl

Freeman’s Men written by Gloria J. Browne-Marshall

Don written by Alberto Battistutti

Born Again written by Daniel Schooling

The Pharmacist written by Alexander Chernega

Perry written by RJ Watson

Oakland written by Andrew Koponen

Stage Play Competition Winners: 

First Place: Clear written by David E. Tolchinsky
Second Place: Her Story written by Kim Cameron

Television Script Competition Winners: 

First Place: Queen of Spades written by Rafael Peixoto
Second Place: Positively 10th Street written by Sydney Lloyd Smith
Third Place: Candyland.Com written by Joan Barrett

Official Finalists

Oroboro Island written by Oleg Bazylewicz, Karen Buckton


The Novelty Act written by Tom Eastwood

The Tribunal written by Matthew McCarthy

Deadly Invisible Enemies Miniseries written by Harold L. Brown

The Last Moon written by DeAnn Lubell-Ames, Kristin Johnson

Port Metro written by  Jackson Chow

The Bliss Killer written by LeLe Park

Heal written by David E. Tolchinsky