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It is with great pleasure that we announce at this time the award winners of the 2010 Amsterdam Film Festival Van Gogh Awards.

This has been a truly remarkable inaugural year for the Amsterdam Film Festival.  After several months of careful consideration, we present to you the very best of of the 2010 competition.

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De grote Prijs van de Jury - Quest For Honor (Iraq/Kurdistan)
Cinematic Vision Award - Through the Air to Calais or The Wonderful Cruise of Blanchard's Balloon (USA)
Van Gogh Award - Art That Moves (New Zealand)
Prodigy Auteur Prize - Pechatnikoff Alley, 3 (Russian Federation)

Grand Jury Prize: World Cinema Documentary - Modern Day Slaves OFW: Overseas Foreign Workers (USA)
Grand Jury Prize: World Cinema Dramatic - Failing Better Now (USA)
Grand Jury Prize: World Cinema Short - Nous Deux Encore (France)
Grand Jury Prize: World Cinema Student - Laguna Negra (United Kingdom)

Documentary Directing Award - Passing Strange (USA)
Dramatic Directing Award - Footprints (USA)
World Cinema Directing Award: Documentary - Smile 'Til It Hurts: The Up With People Story (USA)
World Cinema Directing Award: Dramatic - Baram & Hamza (Jordan/USA)

Excellence in Cinematography Award: Documentary - The Scars of Mercury (Canada)
Excellence in Cinematography Award: Dramatic - La Soluzione Migliore (Italy/Romania)
Excellence in Cinematography Award: Short - Cold Turkey (Ireland)
Excellence in Cinematography Award: Student -The Absolute Truth of Thomas Schviefel (Poland)

World Cinema Cinematography Award: Documentary - Chance of a Lifetime | Karearea: The Pine Falcon (New Zealand)
World Cinema Cinematography Award: Dramatic - The Taste of Relation (Canada)
World Cinema Cinematography Award: Short - Wake (USA)
World Cinema Cinematography Award: Student - Death in Charge (USA)

Best Documentary Film Editing - Race Across the Sky (USA) 
Best Dramatic Film Editing - Ashley's Ashes (USA)
Best Feature Film Screenplay - "Resistance" by Caitlyn McCarthy 
Best Short Film Screenplay - "Seven Years of Winter" by Marcus Schwenzel

World Cinema Documentary Film Editing Award - Frequent Flyer (USA)
World Cinema Dramatic Film Editing Award - A Moment In June (Thailand)
World Cinema Screenwriting Award, Feature Film - Fanny, Annie & Danny (USA)
World Cinema Screenwriting Award, Short Film - Just For Today (Sweden)

Special Jury Prize, World Cinema Documentary - Sonabai: Another Way of Seeing (USA)
Special Jury Prize, World Cinema Dramatic - Everyday Black Man (USA)
Special Jury Prize, World Cinema Short - Firecracker Flower (USA)
Special Jury Prize, World Cinema Student - Banisko (Israel)
Special Jury Prize, World Cinema Music Video - White Swan (Netherlands)
Special Jury Prize, World Cinema Animation - Sebastian's Voodoo (USA)
Special Jury Prize, Dutch Documentary - Against The Tide (Germany/Israel/USA/UK)
Special Jury Prize, Dutch Dramatic - Hortum (Netherlands)
Special Jury Prize for Originality - Last Supper No. 3 (Philippines)
Special Jury Prize for Spirit of Independence - Claiming The Title: Gay Olympics on Trial (USA)
Special Jury Prize for Acting, World Cinema - Barbara Goenaga in La Buena Nueva (Spain)
Special Jury Prize for Acting - Zlatko Buric in Löftet (Denmark/Sweden)

Jury Prize: Dutch Short Filmmaking - After The Water The Clouds (Netherlands/Spain)
Jury Prize: International Short Filmmaking - En La Memoria (Spain)

World Cinema: Experimental Film - Feeder (Netherlands/United Kingdom)
World Cinema: Animated Film - Leonardo (USA)
World Cinema: Music Video - Brandt Brauer Frick - Bop (Germany)
World Cinema: Student - Delaney (Spain)
World Cinema: First Time Director - Michael Swingler for Midlife (USA)
World Cinema: First Time Screenwriter - Gil McDonald for Takeo (USA)

Best Action Film - Morenita (Mexico)
Best Avant-garde Film - Hold The Sun (USA)
Best Biography- William S. Burroughs: A Man Within (USA)
Best Children's Film - Cubes (USA)
Best Comedy - Four Roses (Australia/Belgium)
Best Coming of Age Film - Football Fables (United Kingdom)
Best Crime Film - The 100th Job (Brazil/USA)
Best Drama - Dirty Step Upstage (USA)
Best Educational Film - It is Epilepsy: The Challenges & Promises of Automated Seizure Control (USA)
Best Environmental Film - The Broken Moon (Brazil)
Best Fantasy Film - Penelopa (Australia/Croatia)
Best Horror Film - Light Bringer (Australia)
Best Human Rights Film - A Family Divided (Australia)
Best Mockumentary - Empty Shell: Meet Isaac Jones (United Kingdom)
Best Musical - Getting Over Him in 8 Songs or Less (USA)
Best Personal Narrative - Postcard To Daddy (Germany)
Best Romance - Venezzia (Venezuela)
Best Romantic Comedy - Impedimento (Brazil/Canada)
Best Best Sci-Fi Film - The Crimson Mask (USA)
Best Spiritual Film - The Greater Meaning of Water (USA)
Best Sports Film - Streetball (USA)
Best Urban Film - Urban Nutcracker: Anatomy of a Ballet (USA)


Feature Screenplay Competition

First Place - "Resistance" by Caitlin McCarthy 
Second Place - "A Reverence for Spiders" by Faiza Ambah 
Third Place - "Bad Girl" by Randolph Splitter 

Short Screenplay Competition

First Place - "Seven Years of Winter" by Marcus Schwenzel
Second Place - "Delusion" by Katherine Hill 
Third Place - "The Conversation" by Gregory D. Goyins

Official Finalists

"When God Sleeps" by Daniel Elliot  
"Side Effects" by Daniel Elliot  
"As Fatal As Death" by L.E. Adams 
"Boscutti's Don Simpson Experience" by Stefano Boscutti 
"Erasure" by Michael Grebb 
"The Voyeur" by John Bengel
"Wings of Stone" by Gary Natoli and Joe Montrone
"Pink Ladder" by Leonard Short 
"Gottlieb" by Jake Hart and Alexander Rubens 
"The Bearer of Bad News" by David Minaskanian 
"Written in Blood" by R. Ian Simpson 
"Below the Waist" by R. Ian Simpson 

Honorable Mentions

"Enterprising" by Michael Swiskay 
"Why don't you add colours?" by Nicola Pedrozzi 
"Crescent Plantation" by Cliff Zimowski 
"Letter for Zorba" by Bill Thomas 
"The Funny Thing About Roadkill" by Michael Hogan 
"Paint by Numbers" by Liz Kerr 
"Dabbawala" by Uttam Sirur 
"Apostles' Creed" by K.C. Schrimpl 
"Selling Off" by Harris Freedman 
"The Aeronaut" by Rob Cawley 
"Life & The Universe Explained" by Russell Rankin 
"Passing" by Heidi W. Durrow & Fanshen Cox DiGiovanni 
"End Means" by S.A. White
"Bungle in the Jungle" by Raef Eric Lawson 
"Love in a Windy City" by David Brett