Amsterdam Canal


Submission Categories                                  

Features Shorts Special Categories
Narrative Feature Narrative Short Animation
Documentary Feature Documentary Short Experimental Film
Student Feature Student Short Music Video
    Television Pilots
    First-Time Director
    Web Video

Deadlines And Fees

Deadline Date Fee
Early July 5, 2016 30 Euro or USD
Regular September 5, 2016 35 Euro or USD
Official November 5, 2017 40 Euro or USD
Late January 5, 2017 45 Euro or USD
Extended March 5, 2017 50 Euro or USD
Final April 5, 2017 50 Euro or USD

* Applicants from the USA may substitute US dollars for Euros.
** Films over 50 minutes are considered Features.

Submission Rules

1.   Producers will submit projects via FilmFreeway.

2.  All fiction and documentary films can apply to the Amsterdam Film Festival.  Films should have been completed no earlier than three years prior to the submission date.

3.  The films will have to appear in their original language. For those films in a language other than English, the Festival requires subtitles.

4.  No work or artist will be either discriminated or favoured by their country of origin, language, age, race, education, ideology, or by their economic resources. Every content, every form, every technique will be considered with no censorship of any kind.

5.  As a first stage, all the films will be displayed to the Jury to consider for possible award recognition.

6.  As the next stage, the AFF Jury will award films in the following categories: screenplay, direction, actor and actress, performances, art, photography, editing, animation, short film, feature narrative, documentary, music video, experimental, web video, first-time director, screenplay competition, and student films.  The Jury can also determine Special Mentions and Special Jury Prizes.

7.  As a final stage, the Awards will be announced on the Announcement Date via Internet.  It is requested, though not obligatory, that the Award, the Festival and the Programme should be mentioned in all promotion material of the films awarded.

8.   The Amsterdam Film Festival is an awards based competition designed to provide worthy films and filmmakers with recognition for their achievements.  Films are not screened publicly.  Once the Judges have concluded the judging process, winners will be announced on our official website and via our Internet based promotions announcing the winners to the public and industry media.

9.  The Amsterdam Film Festival reserves the right to hold a press screening or show clips of up to one minute in length of awarded films on its website.

10.  In order to participate, the entrants must bear a nonrefundable entry fee.

11.  Filmmakers and screenwriters retain 100% all of the rights to their projects and materials that they submit to the Amsterdam Film Festival.

12. You agree to indemnify and hold harmless us, our officers, affiliates, employees, and partners from any and all claims and liability arising out of entering or transmitting your film or screenplay to the Amsterdam Film Festival.

13.   By submitting your film or screenplay to the Amsterdam Film Festival, you agree that you have read, understood, and agree to all of the Rules and Guidelines of the festival.
Need More Information or Help?

The Amsterdam Film Festival only accepts entries submitted via our online form or via FilmFreeway. Please be certain to read our Official Rules and Guidelines prior to submitting.  Should you still have questions regarding your submission, please contact us.