Amsterdam Neighborhood


It is with great pleasure that we announce at this time the award winners of the 2014 Amsterdam Film Festival Van Gogh Awards.

The contest received a wide variety of submissions representing top storytellers from over 20 countries around the world. The quality of the work that we had the honor of reviewing was simply astounding. Judging from among this exceptionally high caliber of filmmaking talent proved to be extremely difficult as there were so many unique, well-made and worthy projects. After several months of careful consideration, we present to you the very best of of the 2014 competition.


De grote Prijs van de Jury: Indigo directed by John Hawthorne Smith
Cinematic Vision Award: No Love lost directed by Shekhar Bassi
Van Gogh Award: Reverbnation directed by Fernando Uson-Fornies
Prodigy Auteur Prize: Dark Shadows of the Gloom directed by Milos Djuric

Grand Jury Prize: Sausage directed by Robert Grieves
Grand Jury Prize: Unforgettable directed by Ciro scuotto
Grand Jury Prize: The Frontier directed by Matt Rabinowitz
Grand Jury Prize: As High as the Sky directed by Nikki Braendlin
Grand Jury Prize: The Priest with Two Guns directed by Rodney Reynold

Dramatic Directing Award: About a Wife, a Dream and Another directed by Tanya Totskaya
Documentary Directing Award:  MasMan directed by Dalton Narine

World Cinema Directing Award: Stars Can Wait a Life Time directed by Christina Svien
World Cinema Directing Award: Rush Lights directed by Antoni Stutz

Excellence in Cinematography Award: By Luck While Running... directed by Jacques Loiselle
Excellence in Cinematography Award: Berlin Day to Night directed by Theodore Collatos
Excellence in Cinematography Award: Simple Being directed by Marco Ferrari
Excellence in Cinematography Award: After Exodus directed by Matthew Perry

World Cinema Cinematography Award: CLYDECYNIC directed by Virginie Lavallee Belanger
World Cinema Cinematography Award: Through the Eyes directed by Lilyana Torres
World Cinema Cinematography Award: 8 Shots directed by Bruno Hernandez
World Cinema Cinematography Award: When The Orange Tree Awakens directed by Martin Petrucci

Best Documentary Film Editing: Collective Economy: Europe's Last Revolution directed by Eulàlia Comas
Best Dramatic Film Editing:  Payada Pa' Satan directed by Antonio Balseiro and Carlos Balseiro
Best Feature Film Screenplay:  The Orchard directed by Clive Myer & Lynda Myer-Bennett
Best Short Film Screenplay: Half Pint directed by Duncan Putney

World Cinema Documentary Editing Award: Catching Hell in the City of Angels directed by Andy Baybutt
World Cinema Screenwriting Award, Feature Film: Faraway directed by Stephen Don
World Cinema Screenwriting Award, Short Film: The Other Face directed by Arsa Gashi

Special Jury Prize, World Cinema Documentary Feature: ReMine, The Last Working Class Movement directed by Marcos M. Merino
Special Jury Prize, World Cinema Documentary Short: And Great Showers of Tears Came Down directed by Dalton Narine
Special Jury Prize, World Cinema Dramatic: The Kids From the Port directed by Veronica Garcia
Special Jury Prize, World Cinema Short: Carrousel directed by Sophie Kluge
Special Jury Prize, World Cinema Music Video: Konerak directed by Jonny Kight
Special Jury Prize, World Cinema Animation: The Rose of Turaida directed by Ryan Grobins
Special Jury Prize for Spirit of Independence: About A Girl Embodied on the Picture of Picasso directed by Ada Kviraia

Jury Prize: International Short Filmmaking - The Role of The Husband directed by Esteban Pedraza

World Cinema: Music Video - Never Never directed by Giovanni Bucci
World Cinema: Student - Social Animals directed by Ilya Zheltyakov
World Cinema: First Time Director - The Trouble with TQ directed by Calvin Thomas Jr
World Cinema: Documentary Feature - Brotherhood & Courage directed by Tom Roberts
World Cinema: Documentary Short- Full Strength directed by Jacob Dodd
World Cinema: Experimental Film Award: Camera Dances Volume 5 directed by Tara Knight, Liam Clancy, Eric Geiger
World Cinema: Animation- Monkey Rag directed by Joanna Davidovich

Best Animation: High Tide directed by Tara Knight
Best Comedy: The Bureau of Short-Term Affairs directed by Bryan Artiles
Best Coming of Age Film: Dreamers directed by Joseph Dwyer
Best Documentary Feature: Zach and Addie directed by Rob Florence
Best Drama: Deadbook directed by Richard Scobie
Best Adventure: Journey of Rising Hopes directed by Brett Garling
Best Historical: Harlem Street Singer directed by Woody Mann
Best Experimental: My Shadow an Illusion of Me directed by Karl F. Stewart
Best Family Film: The Baby in My Arms directed by Jacob Dodd
Best Documentary Short: King High Remembers directed by Michelle Opitz and Brandon Krajewski
Best Music Video: Moving Out directed by Sean McCarthy
Best Short: Forgiveness directed by Alix Bannon
Best Thriller: The Demon Deep in Oklahoma directed by Lance R. Marshall
Best Student: Up and Down the Horizon directed by Sabrina Sarabi


Feature Screenplay Competition:
First Place: Sonata written by Andreas de Anmaria
Second Place: Snowdrop written by Riccardo Giullari
Third Place: Amsterdamaged written by Chris Gilmore

Short Screenplay Contest:
First Place: When You Wish written by Troy Harvey Graham
Second Place: Wolves From The Midnight Lunch written by Stefano Raspa
Third Place: At Your Disposal written by Aaron Wileman

Official Finalists:
The Mary Project written by Kylie Garcelon
The Snakeman written by Jeffrey Ryback
The Beauty of Love Written by Eric Olaf Heinemann
Rien Ne Va Plus written by Franz Wolf
Call Me Shine written by Pedro Canais
Can Anyone Answer? written by Robert Wolter Frank
Grace written by Lynda Lemberg and Jeffrey Allen Russel
The Wind Riders written by Jeffrey Ryback
The Remarkable Alton Ford At First Light written by Ross Macartney