Amsterdam Neighborhood


It is with great pleasure that we announce at this time the award winners of the 2013 Amsterdam Film Festival Van Gogh Awards.


De grote Prijs van de Jury: Blood Country directed by Jason Fournet
Cinematic Vision Award: Man of Glass directed by  Temenuga Trifonova
Van Gogh Award: Theresa is a Mother directed by C. Fraser Press & Darren Press
Prodigy Auteur Prize: The Art of Repair directed by Will Stewart 

Grand Jury Prize: Age of Delirium directed by David Satter
Grand Jury Prize: Lesbiana - A Parallel Revolution directed by Myriam Fougere
Grand Jury Prize: 200 Comfort Road directed by Cory Tomascoff
Grand Jury Prize: Perfect Day directed by Shane Magnier
Grand Jury Prize: Beyond the Haar directed by Mark Bremner

Dramatic Directing Award: La Meduse Rouge directed by Michael Wellenreiter
Documentary Directing Award:  A Man Since Long Time directed by Mohmound Yossry

World Cinema Directing Award: Eurofalsh directed by Daniela Aizeman and RoiEvron
World Cinema Directing Award: El Dia De La Familia directed by David Blankleider
World Cinema Directing Award: Empyrean directed by Sophia Savage

Excellence in Cinematography Award: Kingdom Incorprated directed by Christina Campagnola & Lauren Brinkman
Excellence in Cinematography Award: Hiob directed by Mario Jadje
Excellence in Cinematography Award: I Am Nasrine directed by Tina Gharavi
Excellence in Cinematography Award: Satisfaction People directed by Hanan Rady 

World Cinema Cinematography Award: Fifty People One Question directed by Kamil Krolak
World Cinema Cinematography Award: Dead Mans Burden directed by Jared Moshe
World Cinema Cinematography Award: Winter Frog directed by Slony Sow
World Cinema Cinematography Award: You However are the Harbour directed by Astrid Kohler

Best Documentary Film Editing: Red, White, Black, and Blue directed by James Brown
Best Dramatic Film Editing:  Parudeesa  directed by R. Sarath
Best Feature Film Screenplay:  Death Of A Tree directed by John Martoccia
Best Short Film Screenplay: Everything like Always directed by Peter Leder & Marvin King

World Cinema Documentary Editing Award: Roundabout American directed by Boris Wexler
World Cinema Screenwriting Award, Feature Film: Beach Pillows directed by Sean Hartofilis
World Cinema Screenwriting Award, Short Film: Une Vie Deportee directed by Marie-Helene Roux

Special Jury Prize, World Cinema Documentary: From Queens to Cairo directed by Sherif Sadek
Special Jury Prize, World Cinema Dramatic: The K Effect Stalin's Editor directed by Valenti Figueres 
Special Jury Prize, World Cinema Short: Closure directed by Desmond Devenish
Special Jury Prize, World Cinema Music Video: Secret Fear directed by Daniel Bedingfield
Special Jury Prize, World Cinema Animation: I'll Be Your Mirror directed by Vita Weichen HSU
Special Jury Prize for Spirit of Independence: Golden Illuminations directed by John Fitzsimmons Mahoney

Jury Prize: International Short Filmmaking - The Lesson directed by Chen Ni 

World Cinema: Music Video - U Teen Blues directed by Peter Leder
World Cinema: Student - Kaleidoscope directed by Thomas Patrick
World Cinema: First Time Director Arroyo directed by Tomas Cohen
World Cinema: Documentary - Desert Runners directed by Jennifer Steinman
World Cinema: Experimental Film Award: La Cotesia Del Verdugo directed by Fabia'u Diaz

Best Avant-garde: Yarnana directed by Gina Vecchione
Best Animation: Emile directed by Oliver Pesch
Best Comedy: Shabbat Dinner directed by Michael Morgenstern
Best Coming of Age Film: Between the Forest & The Field directed by Ben Mehlman
Best Documentary: Ordinary Miracles: The Photo League's New York directed by Daniel Allentuck, Nina Rosenblum
Best Drama: The Solar System directed by Flavia Casa
Best Family Film: The Summer Side directed by Antonia San Juan
Best Documentary Short: Amidah directed by Gene Bernofsky
Best Music Video: Jet directed by Devereux Milburn
Best Mystery: A Shade of Grey directed by Herve Demers
Best Thriller: I.F directed by Allan Benzies


First Place: The Kid written by Joe O'Bryne
Second Place: Station number six written by Tim Sasaki
Third Place: The Eaglet written by Eugene Gavrilenko
Fourth Place: Becoming Lana Liu written by David J. Schroeder & Alfonso Orsini
Fifth Place: On the Water written by  Stephen Potts