Amsterdam Neighborhood


It is with great pleasure that we announce at this time the award winners of the 2012 Amsterdam Film Festival Van Gogh Awards.

Official 2012 Van Gogh Awards Press Release


De grote Prijs van de Jury: Supporting Characters directed by Daniel Schechter
Cinematic Vision Award: Rose directed by Kemal Yildirim
Van Gogh Award: The Magic Life directed by Nelson Cheng 
Prodigy Auteur Prize: Breath Made Visible directed by Ruedi Gerber

Grand Jury Prize: 40 West directed by Dana Packard
Grand Jury Prize: Generation Me directed by Ericka Marsalis-LaManna 
Grand Jury Prize: 108.1 FM Radio directed by Angelo & Giuseppe Capasso
Grand Jury Prize: Seniors Rocking directed by Ruedi Gerber

Documentary Directing Award: Aloha Buddha directed by Bill Ferehawk & Dylan Robertson
Dramatic Directing Award: Leave directed by Talat Gokdemir

World Cinema Directing Award: Utopia directed by Bruce Petty
World Cinema Directing Award: The Undercard directed by Sarah B. Downey
World Cinema Directing Award: Blows of the Axe directed by Andrés di Tella

Excellence in Cinematography Award: 46/47 directed by Marc Dietschreit & Nadine Heinze
Excellence in Cinematography Award: The Rugged Priest directed by Bob Nyanja
Excellence in Cinematography Award: Hotstuff directed by Robin Lehman
Excellence in Cinematography Award: The Selling directed by Emily Lou

World Cinema Cinematography Award: I am Nasrine directed by Tina Gharavi
World Cinema Cinematography Award: Galeana No. 8 directed by Andres Perez-Duarte
World Cinema Cinematography Award: The 6th Child directed by Renate Farkas
World Cinema Cinematography Award: The Vanishing directed by Adam Uryniak

Best Documentary Film Editing: West Wind: The Vision of Tom Thomson directed by Peter Raymont & Michele Hozer

Best Dramatic Film Editing: medium Outdoors directed by Frank Hall Green
Best Feature Film Screenplay: Hello Herman…directed by Michelle Danner
Best Short Film Screenplay: Walks Without…directed by Tatyana Soboleva

World Cinema Documentary Film Editing Award: Take Us Home directed by Aileen LeBlanc
World Cinema Screenwriting Award, Feature Film: The 10 Commandments of Chloe directed by Princeton Holt
World Cinema Screenwriting Award, Short Film: Gelato with Whiskey directed by Anastasia Frank

Special Jury Prize, World Cinema Documentary: The Minister's War directed by Artemis Joukowsky
Special Jury Prize, World Cinema Dramatic: My Blood directed by Diamantis Karanastasis
Special Jury Prize, World Cinema Short: Notes from the Underground directed by Lukas Demgenski
Special Jury Prize, World Cinema Music Video: Demolition Disco-Big Mama directed by KRONCK
Special Jury Prize, World Cinema Animation: Live Outside the Box directed by Shu-Hsuan Lin
Special Jury Prize for Spirit of Independence: Teached Vol. I directed by Kelly Amis

Jury Prize - International Short Filmmaking: Stahia directed by Simon Farmakas

World Cinema - Documentary: Underground Chinese Hip-Hop directed by Jimmy Wang
World Cinema - Experimental Film: The Deformity of Beauty- A Last Dance with the Mutter Maidens directed by Valentina Lari
World Cinema - Music Video: Gentlemen in Squalor directed by Alex Sufit
World Cinema - Short: Under the Rug directed by Jack Levy
World Cinema - First Time Director: Where the Sea Used To Be directed by Paul Farren

Best Avant-Garde Film: The Green Rush directed by Jason S. Edwards
Best Biography: Lou Harrison: A World of Music directed by Eva Soltes
Best Comedy: Eliminate: Archie Cookson directed by Rob Holder
Best Coming of Age Film: Adam's Tallit directed by Justin Olstein  
Best Crime Film: Magicians of Crime directed by Sam Queen
Best Drama: Women and Children directed by Daniel Mitelpunkt
Best Experimental Film: You and Me are Stitched directed by Ying Liu
Best Family Film: Mr. Babbo directed by Quinn Wilson
Best Horror Film: Rising Tide directed by Philip Shotton & Dawn Furness
Best Human Rights Film: Like Smoke directed by Himmat Sarkaria
Best Mystery: Deranged directed by Ottaviano Blitch 
Best Thriller: Artman directed by Dieter Edler


First Place: Boys General written by Randal Angiel
Second Place: Loveband written by Nicola Pedrozzi
Third Place: Mexican Extreme written by Timos Almpanis & David Vowden
Fourth Place: Held written by Suzanne Kelman & Susannah Woods
Fifth Place: Love War and Anesthesia: The Rose of Dick Johnson written by Jerald El McClane